About Us

Martin Murphy is a dynamic confidence and peak performance consultant, coach, speaker and writer.  His broad and varied experience enhances his qualifications in Performance Coaching, Sports and Behavioural Psychology and Advanced Hypno-therapy. Martin is also a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Performance NLP.

He started working with riders in 2006. An instructor asked him for help in coaching a number of clients with confidence issues. The effects were instant and dramatic and Martin realised that there were many other riders whom he could help.  He set up the “Equestrian Therapy Team” and designed The Complete Rider Confidence System, a new form of coaching taking the country by storm. Today Martin travels around the UK and internationally to teach this unique confidence recovery and mental peak performance coaching system to riders and Instructors.

“There are no unconfident people.  Confidence isn’t a label for a type of person, it is a strategy, a habit, if you like – one that can be learnt.  But many people suffer needlessly because they think that their problem is so deep-rooted and large that they can’t overcome it. That’s where we come in.  We give them the skills and understanding to change their strategy – for good

Emma Corbett has over 25 years experience of training horses and riders, from the untouched youngster through to competition level in dressage, show jumping and eventing.

Emma’s broad experience and learning allows her to utilise an eclectic mix of training techniques which enables her to evaluate situations from the horse’s point of view and also the rider’s perspective.

This enables Emma to adapt her coaching methods to suit the rider’s and horse’s unique personality. Emma has coached riders of all ages and abilities and the horses Emma has trained have gone on to work internationally.

Emma’s uncanny and intuitive ability at helping horses overcome confidence challenges means that both horse and rider can attain a level of congruence and rapport that allow challenges to be resolved quickly and effectively.

“Horses are like people in the fact that they have their own unique personalities and learning styles. My work allows me the privilege to watch the transformation, character and skill levels of both rider and horses develop – it is really inspiring. The excitement reflected in the riders and horses as they come together as a confident team is truly infectious.”

Call Martin on +44 (0) 7733 121 967 or Emma +44 (0) 7881 488 258 for use the form below:


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